ELF EMF Radiation and Motorcycle Seats – Truth exposed for rider safety.

Electromagnetic pollution is becoming ubiquitous regarding Wi-Fi, cell phone antenna towers, cell phones, smartphones, laptops, hydro tower power lines, dirty electricity, etc. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) excessive radiation has now been exposed above motorcycle seats and is detectable up to 6 feet away, as the ELF EMF radiation YouTube videos prove.

Motorcycles consist of “oscillating current” electrical systems generating anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 volts of electricity during engine operation. Throughout the electrical system, pulsing EMF radiation of extremely low frequency is produced. Many motorcycles have excessive magnetic radiation generating sources located immediately underneath the rider’s seat away from the heat of the engine.

Motorcycle seat ELF EMF radiation emission control is essential for future motorcycle electrical designs to confirm consumer confidence. No one wants excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation racing through their body every time they ride. The motorcycle industry needs to recognize, cooperate and support rational precautionary safety guidelines to reduce rider health risk from excessive ELF EMF radiation above motorcycle seats.

Various non-ionizing, non-thermal ELF EMF radiation exposures are linked to adverse bio-effects, including melatonin compromise, promoting illness over time. Concern includes, cancer, diabetes, pancreatitis, melanoma, hypertension, heart disease, depression, gastric ulcers, colitis, impotence, infertility, inflammation, immune deficiency, osteoporosis, bone marrow compromise, etc.

The spirit of motorcyclist safety needs to encompass emerging technological health issues. Motorcycle seat ELF EMF radiation emission control can establish further safety awareness for all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs), quad bikes, electric motorbikes, hybrid cars, electric cars, etc.

One option is the repositioning of excessive ELF EMF radiation producing components (spark-coils, oscillating-current electrical systems, etc.) from immediately beneath motorcycle seats. Innovative component technology reducing motorcycle ELF EMF radiation is another option. Motorcycle seat labeling or publishing of ELF EMF radiation emission levels would enable consumers to evaluate exposure.

Riders deserve to know the truth.

The International Motorcyclist Electromagnetic Safety Month Proclamation was developed by Randall Dale Chipkar. Chipkar also founded The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition along with the Electromagnetic Pro-Ionization Principle to encourage the motorcycle industry for safer vehicles.

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